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bytompaah, March 7, 2018
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Using version 1.4 pulled from Fujitsu website, monitoring av DX200 S4 with it.

Works as advertised. The user manual is excellent!

The plugin sadly doesn't return any extended plugin data so no graphs or history can be created. Also it doesn't support monitoring of NAS volumes, which is the only function I use on the unit.
bytompaah, August 17, 2017
Dell Compellent
This check was long needed! Dell had a plugin for Nagios XI but it was impossible to convert to Nagios 2-4.x-format. So happy this exists.

At the moment all my checks gives green/OK, but the check seems to work perfectly.

I would prefer if the checks were a bit more verbose, not only giving "All disks OK" but listing the disks and their individual status even in the case they are OK. This can be done with the nagios plugin output "performance data" and "second part of performance data".
bytompaah, March 17, 2016
Works almost as intended.

1 of 2 Infoblox grids gives correct return on the dns query. The other says "DNS STATS WARNING - Could not find domain xxx.xx", unknown why since the domain exists at the grid members.

Also it would be great if all he hardware checks could be combined to one single check with multi-line output. Cpu, mem, temp, info for example.
bytompaah, February 14, 2016
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Works great for its purpose.
I don't understand why the NOW-variable is declared with "000000+120" in the end. This caused the script always to pull 1 hour extra events. I changed this to "000000+60" and it works better for me.
bytompaah, February 9, 2016
I use this on 100+ Windows servers 2008-2012R2 and mostly it works great. It's great not having to use the NSClient.
It uses a bit more resources on the monitoring server but for most I don't think it would be a problem.
For some reason it tends to time out quite often, even when the timout value is increased to 30 secs. Guess the Windows servers are busy doing something else..