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bytntteam, January 10, 2011
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After installing the good perl module and vi toolkit, I could get it to work.

But the session file store doesn't seem to work, for me :

libexec/check_esx.pl -H ESXi -u 'login' -p 'pass' -l cpu -S test.session2

CHECK_ESX.PL OK - cpu usage=210.82 MHz (1.41%) | cpu_usagemhz=210.82Mhz;; cpu_usage=1.41%;;

libexec/check_esx.pl -H ESXi -u 'login' -p 'pass' -l cpu -S test.session2

CHECK_ESX.PL CRITICAL - Undefined subroutine &URI::_generic::port called at /usr/share/perl/5.10/VMware/VILib.pm line 236

Content of session file is like this :

cat test.session

Set-Cookie3: vmware_soap_session="\"some hash letters and numbers\""; path="/"; domain=ESXi.local; path_spec; discard; version=0

Any idea ?