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bytj@onemarketing, July 14, 2016
When looking at the zip file it contain nothing ???
bytj@onemarketing, February 4, 2016
cool plugin, started with a minor "Nagios::Plugin" issue, replaced it with Monitoring::Plugin or Nagios::Monitoring::Plugin

and now it's working when run ./check_ilo2_health.pl -H -u -p

But because I have seperated IP (xxx.xx.xx.xxx), one for server interface and one for ilo interface (xxx.xx.yy.xxx) the check_ilo2_health.pl try to connect the server IP, do I really need to hardcode the ILO IP in the service definition or any surgestion for multiple IP


define host{
use ...
host_name ...
address xxx.xx.xx.xxx
_ILOADDRESS xxx.xx.yy.xxx

How would the service definition look for this?