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bythemtz, September 2, 2011
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Since the switch to 64 bit counters i am getting totally weird average values like:

CRITICAL - Average IN: 3.41Tbps (170252.50%), Average OUT: 970.95Gbps (48547.45%) Total RX: 5.81TBytes, Total TX: 1.66TBytes|inUsage=170252.50%;85;98 outUsage=48547.45%;85;98 inBandwidth=3405050072654.40bps outBandwidth=970948946016.00bps inAbsolut=6384549288059 outAbsolut=1820440453052 Bandwidth=2000000000

The old version with 32 bit counters works fine, but of course it loops all the time on my fast interfaces.

Any idea ?

PS: Checked system is a Cisco Catalyst 4510 and several 2960
Owner's reply

At line 547 please change %.01d to %s. This should take care of it.

if ( open(FILE,">".$TRAFFIC_FILE."_if".$iface_number."_".$host_address )) {
printf FILE ("%s:%s:%s
", $update_time, $in_bits, $out_bits );