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bysziloo, March 7, 2021
There was no such plugin, I really missed it in the past. You can get the most useful data from your NAS. And it provides performance data also. Brilliant! Thank you.
I give only for start because there is a small bug: I tried to get RAID usage with a disk size bellow 1TB, with the "-l TB" switch. The answer was: Ctitical: no rade
Owner's reply

I changed the decimal point from comma (german style) to point (international style).
Try to download the new Version 1.20210308

bysziloo, December 9, 2015
First of all, great script thx.
We use it to monitor a P2000 with two enclosures, and it's working like a charm. Recently we bought an MSA 1040. Is it possible to monitor it with this plugin? We tried but I've got error:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in on line 137