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bysu007, August 7, 2013
This saves so much manual work, it can cut days off of adding replacing an existing monitoring server. It will output a hosts.cfg. Search and replace a few times and setup your groups correctly, and you're done.

nmap -sS -O -oG
less hosts.cfg
bysu007, July 31, 2013
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Went through the installer, and installed fine with user and no password, then refused to work without using a password. Fine, set a password and it starts out assuming you are starting a new deployment, importing is very manual, and I immediately had problems with importing my config. Great idea but I will keep looking.
bysu007, May 16, 2012
Works really well with minimal dependencies. I edited this to reverse the normal alert, in order to alert if RDP is accessible on windows hosts. It took maybe 5 quick changes, because it is clearly written.
Nice python scripts allow using your web server to receive passive check results. Check command definitions and the plugins are on each client. This allows full functionality for Unix based hosts, but with passive communication. You will want to fully review and edit each script, put the agent scripts in a separate directory, read the docs, and it can be working in an hour or two. Downsides are the docs are not so great (might have to play with mod_pythong), but not too difficult to understand still.