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bystijns, November 18, 2011
SNMP Printer Check
very nice plugin. However, there is a small bug: When a unknown tray or consumable is requested, the status information shows an error ("UNKNOWN - OID not found! Your printer may not support checking this consumable. Use the CONSUM TEST option to determine which consumables may be monitored.")
but: the status itself is "OK".

and 2 suggestions / feature requests:
-Can you refer to a tray or consumable by it's index in addition to it's name? I have a Brother B/W printer that returns 2 times a "black toner cartridge", one that is empty and another one with the correct information. But I can't point to the right one because they are named the same. And of course, the faulty one is the first one so that's the one CONSUMX returns.

-Can you exclude a certain tray or consumable together with the ALL statement? The manual paper tray is usually empty so will always return Critical. Excluding one is easier than specifying all but one tray.