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bystefanslawidis, August 30, 2018
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
First of all great script. I'm running RedHat 7.5 and had a problem with the $TRUST_EXIT_CODE. The check was allways ok, even when the checked service was not running. Because of line 255:

[ $TRUST_EXIT_CODE -eq 1 ] && [ $EXIT_CODE -eq 0 ] && echo "Trust $STATUS_MSG" && exit $OK

I changed in the if section for $OS == linux line 85 from $TRUST_EXIT_CODE=1 to $TRUST_EXIT_CODE=0 and script is working as expected.

determine_service_tool() {
if [[ $OS == linux ]]; then
if command -v systemctl >/dev/null 2>&1; then
SERVICETOOL="systemctl status $SERVICE | grep -i Active"
if [ $USERNAME ]; then
SERVICETOOL="sudo -u $USERNAME systemctl status $SERVICE"
LISTTOOL="sudo -u $USERNAME systemctl"
TRUST_EXIT_CODE=0 # changed from 1 to 0

Maybe this will help some one or you can fix it permenantly.
Kind regards
bystefanslawidis, April 16, 2018
Dell Compellent
Good plugin, it works like a charm. Woud be even better if we could get a temperature vlaue, would we nice for charting and alarming, not only All Temps Ok.
bystefanslawidis, February 14, 2018
First of all a Great PLugin, which lets you monitor your Fortigate Device. Works with Fortigate 600D (5.4.8). To make it work with Fortimanager (5.6.2) all you have to do is change ( /^(FL|FAZ)/ to ( /^(FL|FAZ|FMG)/ otherwise it will not work for Fortimanager. Unforntunalty the disk check is not working for Fortigate, because it's not defined in the oids and I wasn't able to get the right oid. For the error from mugundan28 all you have to do is to provide the right permissions to /var/spool/nagios/ramdisk/FortiSerial, a chown nagios:nagios did the trick for me.