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bystamatisl, February 5, 2018
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
If you are running ESX 6.5, please change line #7790:

-$url2connect = "https://" . $url2connect . "/sdk/webService";

+$url2connect = "https://" . $url2connect . "/sdk/vim.wsdl";
bystamatisl, March 24, 2016
I have the same bug and i've changed line 52 from this:

re = /^\s*(\d*).\|--\s*(\S*).*?(\d*?.\d*?)%\s*.*?\d\s+(.*?)\s.*?$/

to this:

re = /^\s*(\d*).\s*(\S*).*?(\d*?.\d*?)%\s*.*?\d\s+(.*?)\s.*?$/

Everything it's working now!