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bysfiedler, December 11, 2013
Test it first from the nagios ssh.

check_iis has 2 things you need to configure:

@indata=`snmpwalk -Os -v 1 -c public $ARGV[0]`;

Change the community string.


Check the location for this file and make sure the file exists there. The defaults are good enough, I personally was only interested in anonymous connections, so I removed the rest.

You need perl. Every nagios server I have used has perl and a lot of other scripts anyways.

on the nagios ssh console, run chmod +x to the file so it is executable and test it:

./check_iis "ipaddress"

It should return the values you specified in check_iis-std.conf

Move the files to the nagios plugin directory. Make sure you change the path for $defconf to where you put check_iis-std.conf

Now it depends on how familiar you are with Nagios configuration. I used nagiosql, and the command definition needs to be like this:

/usr/bin/perl $USER1$/check_iis $HOSTADDRESS$

Without specifying the perl path it returned with "Service check did not exit properly", with the path to perl it is displaying the correct information.