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byrubenc, March 23, 2017
With all up to date, every command comes with a

[fog][DEPRECATION] describe_load_balancers with String is deprecated, use all('LoadBalancerNames' => []) instead (./check_cloudwatch_status.rb:386:in `')

(which can be safely ignored with a simple 2>/dev/null).

Problem is, ELB's RequestCount does not work, it always returns 1:

# ./check_cloudwatch_status.rb -f ec2_credentials.cfg -i XXXX-elb -a XXXX-elb-XXXX.eu-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com -L RequestCount 2>/dev/null
CloudWatch Metric: RequestCount, Average: 1.00, Maximum: 1.00, Minimum: 1.00|metric_average=1.00 metric_maximum=1.00 metric_minimum=1.00

The real RequestCount is by the thousands.