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byroderick@nedstars.nl, April 11, 2012
I used this plugin on a system where we sometimes have controller timeouts to check if the thing could still write a file. However this generates an error that is not handled correctly an thus does not report a CRITICAL status. The filesystem goes read only and that is not handled correctly by the plugin.
byroderick@nedstars.nl, February 23, 2012
Hi there, i tested this plugin and though it's nice, it still needs some work IMHO.

I tested it against a server which in it's windows event log reported the following:

Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed. The array accelerator board attached to the array controller in Slot 0 is reporting a battery failure.

Unfortunatly the plugin reported that everything was OK.

I am also a big fan of performance data output, like the check_openmanage plugin for dell systems has.