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byrct, May 17, 2015
Synology status
Your plugin works rather fine but I have a problem: when I mount an USB drive. The USB drive is mounted in the /volume1/usbdrive and the script fails.

We have a recurring warning from your plugin saying that DSM update is disconnected. I think that's because Synology has its servers down. People can have the Syno out of network so I think it will be nice to be able to disable this warning.

Another request: will it be possible to only select some tests? For example I will be interested in no dsm update tests or different volumes warning/critical levels...

Thank you for the plugin
byrct, December 2, 2010
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It works well but there was a little problem in the perfdatas (see http://nagiosplug.sourceforge.net/developer-guidelines.html#AEN201).

I modified it to suit my needs (and corrected perfdata) :
$perfdata=sprintf("Read=%.2fMB/s Write=%.2fMB/s Read=%.2fIO/s Write=%.2fIO/s Total=%.2fIO/s;%d;%d",$IONReadMBsec,$IONWrittenMBsec,$IOReadssec,$IOWritessec,$dskIOTotal,$opt_warn,$opt_crit);

Thanks for the plugin :)