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byrblaas1975, September 28, 2021
Synology status
If your synology has docker or some similar active the script will fail because it will find multiple /volume1 instances.

To prevent this change the line #317 to: (in which you excluded /volume1/ (the last slash and thus only grep /volume1)
storageID[$i]=$(echo "$syno_diskspace" | grep "= "?/${storageName[$i]}"?" | grep -v "= "?/volume1/"?" | cut -d "=" -f1 | rev | cut -d "." -f1 | rev)
byrblaas1975, February 15, 2018

I think you should update the documentation..

as for the check_mssql_database.py there is an option mandatory -T
I cannot read anything about this.

As said I am unable to get a database size

Could you please update the documentation?