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byqk4l, January 21, 2011
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Thank you for good work =)

We found 1 mistake in ReplicationHealth.ps1

In 42 string var "$Type.Result" missing dot.

Also If somebody will be use script with not English version OS don`t forget about codepage and translate!
byqk4l, November 29, 2010
Hi, I test your script under w2k8 x64 (RUS) and it don`t work correctly. Script always return CRITICAL.
When I run 'dcdiag /test:services' (for example) always OK.

I try increase verbose mode in your script but it didn`t get anything usefull.

What addition information can I get to you for find and replace this bug?

Thank you.
Owner's reply

Hi! sorry for not getting back to you, I was expecting Nagios Exchange to email me when this page was updated.

Can you email me the output of dcdiag as well as the output from my script? My email address is j-o-h-n@j-o-r-e.n-o (Remove the -)