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byprestigetech, January 26, 2012
The plugin works, but seem quirky and can't figure out why. Also, had to install the Net::SNMP perl module which was a fairly straightforward process.

The quirkiness seems to be related to the VPN name somehow. I had a VPN tunnel named after the peer VPN Sonicwall ID and the script gave me an error that "VPN 012A345B678D is DOWN" even though the tunnel was not down. I renamed the tunnel to "My Home" and it worked as expected. Very strange.
byprestigetech, January 20, 2012
This is an awesome plugin and it does exactly what we needed!

Had some trouble at first getting this working, but finally got it. Wrote a set of instructions here... http://ptihosting.com/blog/it-blog/monitor-mssql-with-nagios/