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bypmunoz, May 24, 2017
ModGearman XI Manager
I have tried to test the component but when loading it to Nagios XI (version 5.4.4), it displays the message "Component installation failed. Uploaded file is not a component."
bypmunoz, May 20, 2016

The plugins works great in tomcat 7, but have migrated to tomcat 8 and stopped working.

Could I indicate to be changed in the code to be compatible with Tomcat 8?

Thank you very much for your time and disposition.



El plugins funciona excelente en tomcat 7, pero he migrado a tomcat 8 y ha dejado de funcionar.

¿Me podría indicar que se debe modificar en el código para que sea compatible con Tomcat 8?

Muchas gracias por tu tiempo y disposición.