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bypeakyblinder, March 26, 2017
Nagios Core Mass Functions
Will you be developing it for Nagios Core 3?
Owner's reply

In theory this should work with Nagios 3, however, I haven't tested it. I originally developed this when running Nagios 3, but have made changes since then that may or may not work. To answer your question, I don't have plans or time/resources to test with older versions of Nagios.

bypeakyblinder, October 15, 2014
Works great although it always reports an Unknown status even the though the Status Information says OK: SIP Server online for borrower: '.
bypeakyblinder, April 6, 2014
This works great except when you want to use spaces in your directory paths.

If you know of a workaround or how to specify the command it would be a great help.