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bypablo.garciaa, December 1, 2011
If you have NSClient++ instead NRPE_NT, follow this instructions:
-Edit NSC.ini at nsclient folder.
-Below the line [NRPE Handlers] add this:
command[check_activedir]=cscript "C:Program FilesNagios
sclientscriptsCheck_AD.vbs" //nologo /test:$ARG1$

where "check_activedir" is the parameter that you pass from nagios with -c option, and "$ARG1$" are the services that you want check with -a option (separated by commas).

In Nagios, inside commands.cfg, you must put:
/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_nrpe -H $HOSTNAME$ -c check_activedir -t TIMEOUT -a Replications,NetLogons,.....

bypablo.garciaa, December 1, 2011
Only one thing: i had to modify port number in the plugin. By default is 27000, but nagios client (NSClient++) has port 1248. It isn't a problem with the parameter -p, where you can specify other port.

Great job guy :)