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byowitsystemsteam, December 10, 2012
Took a little while to get this working cos I'm not a developer.. so here are a few tips to get the SDK working

This needs version 1 of the AWS SDK for PHP

As stated, you punch in your AWS credentials into a file called config.inc.php
Good idea to test the sdk with the sample script that comes with the SDK called "cli-s3_get_urls_for_uploads.php"

If you are behind a proxy, you can specify the proxy in sdk.class.php in the line "public proxy = "
eg., public $proxy = "http://username:password@proxy:8080";

Nb. I hit errors with proxies until I found out that proxy support was fixed in a recent commit:

The AWS SDK for PHP defaults to the US East Region. (ec2.us-east-1.amazonaws.com)
You need to set the region if your instances are in a different region.
eg., if you were in Asia Pacific Singapore region..

Add a line after "$ec2 = new AmazonEC2();"

For a list of hosts and for the regions, refer to this...