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byoragain, December 10, 2014
You can actually easily modify the script in order to retrieve values from the query. I modified mine to retrieve only one value:

in process_results, i changed $perfdata=.... to $perfdata = "value={$query_duration};0;"; There is no need for me to actually show static lines for warning and critical.

i initially did the change for query, but due to the complexity of the query, just better to go through a stored proc to dodge nagios / centreon cleanup string functions.

before the call to process_results i did the following changes that will allow you to retrieve a value for a procedure:

//Custom modification by #########
if ($querytype == "stored procedure") {
$stmt = mssql_init($oldstoredproc);

$query_data = mssql_execute($stmt);
$query_result="no result returned";

if (mssql_num_rows($query_data) > 0 ) {
$row = mssql_fetch_row($query_data);
$query_result = $row[0];
// cheating on process_results
$query_duration = $query_result;
$output_msg = "Value=$query_result.";
$exit_code = 0;
// end of custom

and at the beginning of the file, I changed to the following because mssql_execute does not need the exec part:
// Add "exec" to the beginning of the stored proc if it doesnt exist.
if (isset($storedproc)) {
$oldstoredproc = $storedproc;
if (substr($storedproc, 0, 5) != "exec ") {
$storedproc = "exec $storedproc";