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bynscblauensteiner, April 10, 2022
Synology status
RAID status health not working, disk 11 is faulty.

Synology model: "DS3615xs"
Synology s/n: "foobar"
DSM Version: "DSM 6.2-25556"
DSM update: Unavailable
System Status: Normal
Temperature: 40 (Normal)
Power Status: Normal
System Fan Status: Normal
CPU Fan Status: Normal
Number of disks: 12
"Drive 1" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:34
"Drive 2" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:34
"Drive 3" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:34
"Drive 4" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:35
"Drive 5" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:34
"Drive 6" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:35
"Drive 7" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:33
"Drive 8" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:35
"Drive 9" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:34
"Drive 10" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:35
"Drive 11" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:35
"Drive 12" (model: "WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0") status:Normal temperature:34
Number of RAID volume: 2
"Volume 1" status:Normal 8% used
"Storage Pool 1" status:Normal

OK - Synology "DS3615xs" (s/n: "foobar", "DSM 6.2-25556") is in good health

I tried every edit suggested in the comment section.
bynscblauensteiner, March 7, 2022
Hello folks,

I am facing the problem "UNKNOWN: session get request failed"
Has anyone had the same problem and was able to solve it?

Thanks in advance!