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Synology status
Volume free space is not working. Status is always Normal. We are using this call:
check_snmp_synology -u my_user -p my_pass -h my_host -v -i

Also I tried call like this: check_snmp_synology -u my_user -p my_pass -h my_host -w 85 -c 90 -v -i

verbose output:
Synology model: "RS3617xs+"
DSM Version: "DSM 6.1-15152"
DSM update: Available
System Status: Normal
Temperature: 32 (Normal)
Power Status: Normal
System Fan Status: Normal
CPU Fan Status: Normal
Number of disks: 12
"Disk 1" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:29
"Disk 2" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:27
"Disk 3" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:27
"Disk 4" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:27
"Disk 5" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:30
"Disk 6" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:28
"Disk 7" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:27
"Disk 8" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:28
"Disk 9" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:31
"Disk 10" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:28
"Disk 11" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:28
"Disk 12" (model: "WD4001FFSX-68JNUN0 ") status:Normal temperature:28
Number of RAID volume: 1
"Volume 1" status:Normal

OK - Synology "RS3617xs+ is in good health

NAS storage is on 92%.

Also I check on 4 NAS different models:
Synology model: "RS3617xs+"
Synology model: "RS2414+"
Synology model: "RS2212+"
Synology model: "RS3412xs"

With 2 different DSM:
DSM Version: "DSM 6.1-15152"
DSM Version: "DSM 6.1-15047"

Did some one find solution for this?