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bymz2014, July 16, 2014
Check MSA 2012i G1
Excellent Work, it does what it supposed to do.

It checks over telnet all the mentioned 7 Status. I had Problems to give Username and Password as Arguments, so for now they are hardcoded in the plugin, might change that later.

It is in Brasilian/Portuguese i guess, but does the job. Maybe someone or myself will try translating to english.

One thing i am not sure about is, what the timeline for the "enclosure" check is. It seems that it looks for the Warnings in the Logs as we get "CRITICAL: [HP SPS Chassis xyz OK] [Disk xy addr=38 Warning]. We had a Problem with this disk and had to exchange it 2 days ago, and now there are no more warnings about this disk in the Logs.

Thanks for your great work and sharing it!