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bymkoco, September 23, 2015
Best plugin for checking HP hardware.
bymkoco, September 1, 2015
Very nice job.

Replace occurrences of tr (of being usually /usr/bin/tr) with TR="/usr/xpg4/bin/tr" and
all should work fine...
bymkoco, September 7, 2014
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Excellent !!! I just have to adjust it to make it run faster...

Here is how:
log_message = log_message.rstrip(" ")
#MKOCO addon to message
log_message = log_message.split(":")[1]

self.vprint(2, "extracted log message body from log")
self.vprint(2, "log message is '%s'" % log_message)

# security is maintained by a combinarion of `` and restrictive
# regex validation the validate functions. MySQLdb must take care of
# the log value but this is not an input variable anyway.
#ORIGsql#query = "select count(*) from `%s` where `%s` LIKE %%s" \
# % (self.mysql_table, self.mysql_column)
query = "select count(*) from ( SELECT * FROM ( select * from `%s` ORDER BY seq DESC LIMIT 10000 ) \
sub ORDER BY seq ASC ) as xxx1 \
where xxx1.`%s` LIKE %%s" \
% (self.mysql_table, self.mysql_column)

If you update your release, you can freely add it...