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bymikej1234, July 11, 2013
I think this is a good script and I've already found it very useful. Took only a few minutes to configure.

However, because the user and password are in plain text and then used in the URLs provided in the email, I believe there is a security issue. It works as expected but I didn't want to see my user and password like this:


I tweaked it to suit my needs.

Thanks for your help!
bymikej1234, July 10, 2013
Hi, Can you please advise on how to run this on Ubuntu? When I run it as documented I get no result. This is also after confirming the location of awk is not in /bin/awk but in /usr/bin/awk (which was updated in the script).

It seems that the version of nagios I have also has a status.dat file, with no status.log file. Maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems different when installed on Ubuntu (or Debian).