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bymdcdh, April 7, 2022
If anybody is having issues with "UNKNOWN: session get request failed" then this may help...

First off, the script expects a dir to exist /usr/local/nagios/var/spool/FortiSerial so create that on your Nagios host and make sure perms are the same as the other folders in the spool dir (or pass your own location to the script with -p or --path /my/path)

Secondly, running the commands check_fortigate_xyz wasn't working for me, so I created a check_fortigate_blank command (Configure > Commands > Copy check_fortigate_CPU > edit the copy) and set the command line to $USER1$/check_fortigate.pl -H $HOSTADDRESS$ $ARG1$

You can then use this command in services by entering all the required variable for the SNMP auth, eg. for SNMP v3 into the ARG1 field, eg.

--snmp_version 3 --username blah --privprotocol blah --privpassword blah --authpassword blah --authprotocol blah --type blah

You can see the variables by running ./check_fortigate.pl -h