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bymazzystr, August 20, 2013
This check should be removed from Exchange.

Check_icmp is part of Nagios Core Plugins. It does the same thing but with cowbell.
Owner's reply

The point of this check is to verify jumbo frames by forcing non-fragmentation of large packets. Something check_icmp doesn't do.

bymazzystr, May 5, 2011
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Nagios Dash from NDOUtils
This is a very nice dashboard. The code is clean and straight forward. It integrates simply in NDOutils. This is exactly what my management wants to use to display IT operations status on the LCD panels that we have located around our building.

I made some updates to the code....
-updated the color scheme to match Check_mk
-added Check_mk background
-removed the color gradients in row background color
-removed shadow to the font
-changed the host critical row to be dynamically populated
-added a row for services warning that is dynamically populated
-changed the services critical row to be dynamically populated

Feel free to email me and I will provide updated source code.

/Chris C
Owner's reply