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bymaty314, August 9, 2014
Very good plugin!
It work perfect in all my servers except one with Ubuntu. In this case the check return "TIME CRITICAL - time is Wed Dec 31 21:00:00 1969".

So after debugging the problem i realized that in the line 197 of the plugin there was a command that changed string to time (str2time) and it was returning empty value.
The problem was the date format from the remote server (09 AUG 2014 16:20:41 ART). More specific it was the "ART" at the end of the date string.

So in my particular case i fixed it adding an if that verify if the command str2time return a empty value, then execute the command chop to the variable that was holding the date four times in way to erase the ART.

With that change it started to work with no problem!