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Hi Box293,

I am currently running the SDK on Nagios Core 4.1.1 (latest version). We have ESXi 6.0 running with a working vMA. Everything in the manual has the same output on my vMA and Nagios server except the part where I can test the plugin from the vMA. I run this command:

~/box293_check_vmware --server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx --check vCenter_Name_Version

And then I get the following error message:

-bash: /home/vi-admin/box293_check_vmware: cannot execute binary file

Have you seen this error before and know how to solve it? Thanks!

Kind regards,

Martijn Dirkx
Owner's reply

Please email me on the address above if you need further help.

bymartijndirkx, April 24, 2014
Hi Claudio,

Thanks for the plugin! Works great on my ubuntu Nagios box. I am only having trouble with one service check that specifically check one volume. I get the following error message:

./check_equallogic.sh: line 804: / 1024: syntax error: operand expected (error token is "/ 1024")

Do you know where this error is coming from? I've tried several options I googled but I cannot get this check fixed. As this is the best plugin for equallogic I would like to get this working :).

Owner's reply

Fixed in version 20150203.