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bykapurnicus, August 23, 2011
6 of 15 people found this review helpful
NRDP - Nagios Remote Data Processor
I was glad to see this get developed. We've been migrating away from NSCA to NRDP for multiple reasons:
- Long output support.
- More consistent results interfacing with a web server rather than the NSCA daemon.
- Easier to develop interfaces against URL encoded XML submissions (easy multi-language / multi-platform support).
- It may be my imagination but check results seem to get picked up faster by nagios through NRPD.

I wished it came with a client in another language but PHP. We don't have php binaries in our environment.

I've written a perl based client that uses the NRDP protocol but functions as a dropin replacement for send_nsca. I may post if there's interest.
Owner's reply

It would be great it you'd be willing to post the Perl client. I can include it with future NRDP releases if you're okay with that.

FYI, I have plans to develop a bash client for NRDP in the future unless your Perl client is so easy that it negates that need. :)