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H, thank you for this plugin,. It works great when I run it locally on the machine where Fail2Ban is running. But I cannot get it running remotely from the Nagios Server.

I tried to check it directly with adding "-H " to your command syntax as well as configure a remote NRPE call from Nagios Server to the server where Fail2Ban is running. But the result is still the same: "Error: fail2ban-client not found"

What do I do wrong? Thank you, Jakub
Owner's reply

Hi, sorry for the late response!
it is intended to run this command via NRPE from the nagios server. Are you sure that your nrpe command is defined properly? How does it look like?

byjotta, January 17, 2018
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Check Windows Performance Monitor Counters
Thank you for this great plugin. I really appreciate your work and especially viariability. It is amazing to know that I can add almost any performance counter by simple XML file and use your script with Nagis.

I have a question related to the Network performance check. The warning and Critical threshold you have set in your XML file seems to have quite low values to me. If I count with 1Gb interface than your warning threshold is just around 13% of maximum utilization.

Maybe I got your thresholds wrong, please can you confirm my thoughts or explain why you used these values.

Thank you, Jakub
Owner's reply

Hi Jakub! You are right, my network thresholds are very low because my network is very slow. By the way I have added auto detection for network bandwidth in 1.3 version.