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byjondi, December 19, 2017
This plugin is excellent and works fine on all our Centos 5 and Centos 6 servers. But it doesn't work on Centos 7 system.

Difference in output:

Centos 6:
# /sbin/check_netint -r -n eth1 -fYB -k -w4000,15000 -c10000,25000
eth1:UP (no usable data - 5 rows) (1 UP): OK

Centos 7:
# /sbin/check_netint -r -n enp5s0 -fYB -k -w4000,15000 -c10000,25000
ERROR : Unknown interface enp5s0

Can you help me?. I guess many people face the same on Centos versions higher than version 6.