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byjnash, January 30, 2021
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
This script is the gold standard for Nagios core SSL checks and for how bash scripts should be written and distributed!

1.) It has options for just about every aspect of X.509 certificates
2.) It is simple to use (once you figure out you have to tell it where your local CA (Certificate Authority) is located
3.) It can check a 3rd party API at SSL Labs to grade a web sites cert. This takes a long time and the check may time-out for Nagios but that's not the fault of this script. I may batch process those checks and save the results and just do those as soft checks / and or, run them in batch mode, and leverage the fact that SSL Labs caches subsequent request which allow this check to then complete quickly.
4.) It is very well documented
5.) It is actively maintained (big deal)
6.) It just works!

Phreedom Technologies will be using it to check all of our company & client web sites as well as all publicly accessible SSL-VPN, HTTP admin portals (internal and external) including both those registered to a public CA or a self-signed.

Excellent work and thank you!
byjnash, January 15, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Send HTML Alert Email
Works well to get HTML Notifications out via a PHP Script and is certainly better than the default text output. Can be a good starting point for more advanced notifications such as querying a DB and including information such as impact of alert and recommended actions. -John