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byjkissner, May 9, 2014
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I have a few servers that we ust rc.local to map NFS mounts (reasons beyound me). They look like this:

mount 1xx.26.xx.xx:/vol/e_oldlogs /geminilogs
sleep 2
mount 1xx.26.xx.xx:/vol/e_webdocs /webdocs
sleep 2
mount 1xx.26.xx.xx:/vol/e_weblogs /weblogs

I need to check agains this file for mounts is there an easy way or even a hard way to do this???
Owner's reply

Yoo can achieve that with a little trick.

Your rc.local file needs a little rewrite.
The lines should look like that:

mount -t nfs 1xx.26.xx.xx:/vol/e_oldlogs /geminilogs

We need that "-t nfs" because the check can use the following parameters:

-f /etc/rc.local (he takes that fiel as fstab now)
-N 3 (the fieldnumber to search for FS type, thats why we needed the nfs)
-M 5 (fieldnumber of the mountpoint)

Or you can just use -i ,which ignores the fstab and just checks if the given paths are mountpoint according to mtab.

Both ways should work for you.