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byjgk999, March 27, 2012
6 of 8 people found this review helpful
(1) There was an earlier patch to NDOUTILs called NDO_LIGHT that suppressed sending a number of different API records from ndomod to ndo2db via the TCP connection. The patch was conditional on the symbol NDO_LIGHT. All of this appears to have been removed? Was this intentional? Can the patch still be applied to the 1.5 version? Should this be done?

(2) One of the changes to ndo2db has been to move the parsing of NDO API data into a new child process and to implement an IPC message queue between this new child process and it's parent ndo2db instance. The message queue buffer size is fixed at 1K by a define in queue.h
#define NDO_MAX_MSG_SIZE 1024
while the chunk size for the ndo_dbuf in ndo2db.c is set at 2K when ndo_dbuf_init() is invoked. What happens on this invocation
in ndo2db_check_for_client_input() [ndo2db.c] if the dbuf->buf contains more than 1K? Does this never happen? Has anyone verified this code actually works?