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byjdecello, March 20, 2010
check_cciss - HP and Compaq Smart Array Hardware status
This one works out of the box. The check_hparray that is just like this one does not work with nagios3. The check_hparray.pl errors out on arrays of slot=0 (all of mine) and didn't give verbose output.

This one I just did a -v in nrpe.cfg, simple and detailed.... though it doesn't handle UNKNOWN quite right... was still green rather than other. not a big deal....
Owner's reply

Fixed! Thanks

byjdecello, March 20, 2010
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it works sort of. It worked fine on the command line, even as user nagios (so yes, I did setup /etc/sudoers correctly). However, it didn't work from nagios3 nrpe...

Also, having to hard code slots isn't very convinient...... there is a better check.

I tried another one like this, in perl, but that one was broken too.... didn't support slot=0.

The best one, was this one, check_hpccis written by Simone Rosa. That one gave verbose output -v, scanned all arrays... very similiar to this one, yet that one worked out of the box with nagios3.