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byjamesc_syd, June 6, 2019
SNMP Printer Check
I have the following check set up:
$USER1$/check_snmp_printer -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C public -w 10 -c 5 -t "CONSUM ALL"

For most printers it's fine. But for one it returns:
UNKNOWN - OID not found! Your printer may not support checking this consumable. Use the CONSUM TEST option to determine which consumables may be monitored.Tray 1 Roller Kit HP Z7Y88A is at 99% - OK!,Tray 2 Roller Kit HP Z9M01A is at 99% - OK!, 'Tray 1 Roller Kit HP Z7Y88A'=99;10;5 'Tray 2 Roller Kit HP Z9M01A'=99;10;5

Is there a way to filter out that unknown OID responses without having to define the checks each individual printer accepts? All printers are quite new HP printers. The one causing this problem is an HP E87640
byjamesc_syd, October 14, 2014
Works brilliantly under the command prompt returning:
me@server libexec]# ./check_IBM_DS_health_1.5.sh -a 999.999.999.999 -b 999.999.999.999
Storage Subsystem health status = optimal.

However when I try to run it in Nagios 4.0.8 I get:
Unknown response from SMcli: " "

At a bit of a loss as to how to get it to work, any suggestions?