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byimarkovic, February 12, 2019
SNMP Printer Check
Hello Nagios team,

Salut to everyone and thanks for this plugin, espetially Mr Leonard as a creator.
I write because I have some struggling with snmp v. 3 from past day. snmp v. 1/2 is working great, but I need to use v.3 with hp M527 enterprise printer. I know this is not support section, but I need just something to go on if it`s ok.
As I said, snmp 2 is ok and its working with Nagios Core 4 - CentOS 7.

When I type from command:
./check_snmp_printer -H -t MODEL -u user -x DES -X password -a MD5 -A password -l authPriv

I only get "Plugin check_snmp_printer failure - snmpwalk command error.
This must be working in order to go on and implement it on Nagios monitoring.