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hi sbosek team

really great plug-in!
but, i found some miss information if there is process name with space-bar as shown below.

# ksh check_cpu_stats.sh
CPU STATISTICS OK : user=4.58% system=2.35%, iowait=1.64%, idle=88.83%, nice=2.60%, steal=0.00%;Top 5 CPU Processes(cpu%,pname,pid): 29.3% pigz 1329275, 25.5% english 1407819, 13.3% spamd child, 1137260% 13.2 php, 1410968% 8.8 mysqld 2945555%| CpuUser=4.58%;70;90;0; CpuSystem=2.35%;40;60;0; CpuIowait=1.64%;30;40;0; CpuIdle=88.83%;0;0;0; CpuNice=2.60%;0;0;0; CpuSteal=0.00%;0;0;0;

some process percentage are 1137260% etc.
quite sure it caused by a daemon name with "spamd child". the space-bar caused some malfunction with your great script parsing.
can wait your next release guys!

byhenryudha, June 10, 2015
it's work!
thanks mate
byhenryudha, June 10, 2015
great script.
working on my enviroment.
thanks mate!
byhenryudha, January 8, 2015
first time execute check_eximailqueue_1.3, will appear this error :
./check_eximailqueue_1.3: line 36: /usr/local/nagios/libexec/utils.sh: No such file or directory
Mailqueue WARNING - query returned no output!

=> it means you need to :
1. modify your path on
. /usr/local/nagios/libexec/utils.sh to your own directory. for me, it is on /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/utils.sh

2. modify path on
for me, it is on EXIM=/usr/sbin/exim

its done!