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byhelge000, March 1, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Funny. I wanted to do this myself but then I found this script. Nice! Saved some work.

I had to heavily modify it to fit my needs though.
Code error: Line 187 change to:
-a "$ARG" != "outputv" -a "$ARG" != "linefreq" -a "$ARG" != "all" -a "$ARG" != "battdate"]
-> battdate was missing

And Line frequency; in- and out voltage are doing a "Max Value exceeded" check. This makes no sense; since I want to check for minimum values. So I changed the "-ge" evals to "-le" and remove sanity checks altogether; I could do so since this plugin can just replace the old check command.

In my opinion its much to verbose; maybe add a -v option do get rid of the $MSG? I set this var as empty string.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.
I just uploaded the fixed version for the missing "battdate" option.
That implements also the "-v" option, excluding by default the verbose infos.

About the check logics, I have just inherited the original ones, without going too deep.

I'd like to implement the Nagios guidelines about Threshold and ranges, but unfortunaely I haven't much time to do that.