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byhaavaste, March 18, 2013

I am trying to setup Monitoring to my ESX hosts. I am a bit puzzled with getting it work. The thing is that I am able to run resxtop from my nagios machine and configured pl and sh files accordingly. But when it comes to configuration file I am doomed:
VMware ESX hosts to monitor with Nagios nsca
#Tab delimited, # in col 1 to skip schedules for 3 options
#ESX Host Name Root Password CPU/Mem FileSys VMcount
#------------- ---- -------- ------- ------- -------
esx-c01 root password test

When I run command:
root@nagios:/opt/nsca# ./nsca_vmware.pl ESX_Hosts

Outcome would be:

Starting execution of ./nsca_vmware.pl v1.2.1 at 2013-03-18 18:12:06
... schedule is ESX_Hosts
./nsca_vmware.pl took 0 seconds

How can I debug what went wrong?

With best,