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byglen, January 31, 2016
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i've loaded the existing code to git
and added negate support via -n or --negate option. so released it as v1.1 here:

byglen, March 18, 2010
i've coded similar plugin independently when found this plugin already exist...


differences are with my plugin:
- can setup needed sudo rules if invoked with -S argument
- you can specify warning and critical levels how many rules you need to have present
- can check other tables/chains than filter/INPUT via command line args.

License: GPL v2 (same as Nagios)
byglen, January 21, 2010

i've improved the code to report names of failed jobs, also made code more extensible if you want to fill other info to the job, such change can be accomplised with little effort.

also i renamed the plugin to check_backula_log, not to conflict with check_bacula that is in bacula contrib sources.

byglen, September 14, 2009
i took the base of this plugin code and added more raids support, rewritten with perl style too.

however i am not able to test all configurations so it could be broken (report problems back to me):

the code can be tracked from: