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byfurriephillips, August 7, 2013
This plugin is just the job! It worked a treat and along with the contribution from nicola.sarobba (made against the previous version) about using a non-root user (see below), this has made my day.

One of the 8 hosts I'm checking, shows up some weird results (no server details): -

"OK Server: "

Running with " -v" shows lots of this kind of thing: -

# /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_esxi_hardware.py -H vmserver01 -U nagios -P 'wonkydonky' -I uk -v -V dell

20130807 23:31:26 Connection to https://vmserver01
20130807 23:31:26 Check classe OMC_SMASHFirmwareIdentity
20130807 23:31:26 Unknown CIM Error: (1, u'ThreadPool --- Failed to enqueue request. Too many queued requests already: vmware_base, active 5, queued 11 ')

20130807 23:33:52 Check classe VMware_StorageExtent
20130807 23:33:53 Check classe VMware_Controller
20130807 23:33:55 Check classe VMware_StorageVolume
20130807 23:33:57 Check classe VMware_Battery
20130807 23:33:59 Check classe VMware_SASSATAPort
OK - Server:

When I log in to vSphere it's looking quite like the server has some problems (health check shows all "unknown"), so not really the script's fault, though a "WARNING: couldn't get any info or similar" might be more appropriate?

Comments to other reviewers now: -

turner2151uk, have you tried "escaping" the exclaimation mark like this?


Perematko, nicola.sarobba suggested this (which worked a treat for me): -

in vSphere
- create a nagios user
- add this user to the root group
- Assign the "No access" role to the nagios user

Pentangle, perhaps it's not executable? I had to do the following to get it to run: -

"chmod +x check_esxi_hardware.py"

This woeked exactly as advertised - thanks.

The thing is, the reason I was searching for statusmap patches was because I wanted the include/exclude functionality to work as shown here: http://ten-fingers-and-a-brain.com/2011/03/getting-more-out-of-the-nagios-statusmap/

Do you think there's any chance you can use your wisdom to convert the old to the new again?

I'll be having a go, but it'll likely be a bit slow & painful :)