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byfeltel, June 4, 2014
SNMP Printer Check
I´m using your plugin since some time to monitor consumables of our corporate printers. It works very well. We recently purchased an Brother HL-5350DN which seems to have some Bugs in its Firmware (shipped with latest available one, version 1.18; downgrade not available/possible). For the black toner cartridge (the only one in this printer) there are two states reported like this:

Black Toner Cartridge is OK! Black Toner Cartridge is at CRITICAL level! Drum Unit is at 99% - OK! | Black Toner Cartridge=-3;20;5; Black Toner Cartridge=0;20;5; Drum Unit=99;20;5;

Reason for this is, that the machine claims it has two cartridges:

~ snmpwalk -v1 -Ovq -c public MY-PRINTER-IP
"Black Toner Cartridge"
"Black Toner Cartridge"
"Drum Unit"

My question is if you could filter out duplicate consumables in some sort of way? This could work as some sort of work-around for this type of bugs.

Thanks alot.