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byesteewhy, October 24, 2015
First of all, the following error:

`+': no implicit conversion of NoMethodError into String (TypeError)

can generally be fixed by replacing:

abcd" + e


abcd #{e}"

The issue i have with this plugin is that it's not very clear how to set --critical and --warning threshold for metrics which are not percentages, but are absolute values.

Let's say, i want to trigger WARN if FreeStorageSpace reaches 10%. How do i do that?

Looking at the code, it seems that threshold can only be an absolute value. But what if I don't know what total available disk size for RDS really is? Even more, what if i want to use the same Nagios service for multiple RDS hosts where disk size might be different (and i still only want to trigger WARN using some percentage threshold)?

Is it possible to use percentage threshold metrics others than CPUUtilization?