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byerictech, December 8, 2016
This does exactly what I needed and works for models 5548 and N2048.

I did come across an issue when a switch is in a stack. The fan temps check does not calculate the proper exit status. Here is my diff for the changes I added to fix this:

> if [ $TEMPS_EXIT_STATUS -lt '2' ]; then
> else
> fi
> if [ $TEMPS_EXIT_STATUS -lt '1' ]; then

The only other thing I see that would make this more awesome, is to add the global status health check. There is another module on the exchange that does and I may add it to this one. It uses the productStatusGlobalStatus mib. It may be redundant to check the fans, temp, psus AND health, but in certain places, a simple health check may be sufficient.
byerictech, June 15, 2016
Check CRM
This is an excellent plugin. I did modify it a bit, primarily removing the need for the perl-Nagios-Plugin module, as most of my current modules are simple perl modules. Otherwise, the features provided are just what I needed for crm monitoring. Thanks!