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byendstille, July 23, 2015
please, help me with your Check_Proc plugin
by konfucio, April 16, 2015
You after putting the script in your NSClient's /scripts directory, you have to adjust your nsclient.ini

You should add a area like this:

[/settings/external scripts/scripts]
check_proc_vbs = cscript.exe //T:120 //NoLogo scripts\Check_Proc.vbs

Then you can use it through Nagios like this:

/usr/local/nagios/libexec$ ./check_nrpe -H %HOSTADDRESS% -p 5666 -4 -c alias_proc_vbs "Explorer.exe"

But i have to add, that i cannot run it as well, it always stats:
Usage: Check_Proc.vbs Service_Name /Replace:Attribute /Cpu:value
Attribute value can be YES or NO. In case yes, it will replace _ by blank space
No matter what parameter i use to check a process.