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byelpatron, January 16, 2018
Thanks, no prolems here.

My Debian needed a
`sudo apt-get install libnet-ldap-perl`.
byelpatron, April 12, 2015
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Nothing more to say. :)
byelpatron, October 22, 2014
Nagios Availability Reports to pdf
works as expected. thanks.

here is my quick and dirty bash script for an availabilty report for a specific host:

STARTDATE=$(/bin/date --date='-1 month' +%s)
ENDDATE=$(/bin/date +%s)
#echo $URL
/usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf --username nagiosadmin --password 1234567 $URL $PDFFILE > /dev/nul
byelpatron, January 27, 2014
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Easy to install und use, clean performace data, tested with Nagios 4.0.2 and PNP 0.6.21 (Debian wheezy).

Unfortunately, ping response times from speedtest-cli.sh seem to be much too big (by the factor of 10)?
Owner's reply

Hi elpatron,

Thanks for the review.

My script is not processing the ping results as such; other than displaying what the speedtest-cli python script is returning. I have had a quick look on their site and found this:



byelpatron, October 15, 2013
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Sam Weather 2.0
Thanks for this creative plugin - runs fine on my RaspberryPi / Nagios4.
byelpatron, October 14, 2013
Works like a charm on my Raspberry Pi.