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byecarlseen, June 24, 2010
4 of 12 people found this review helpful
(v1.2.6, as of June 24, 2010)

I really want to like NConf. The user interface is well-thought out, and shows a lot of polish. The installation is easy.

That being said, it's not ready for prime-time. Particularly crippling is the inability to assign multiple hosts or any hostgroups to a service - services must be assigned individually to each host. Even in a small installation, this is unacceptable. There are some other rough edges, such as buggy and poorly documented behavior when storing passwords in an encrypted format.

This isn't meant to slam the NConf team - they're off to a great start. But for now, if you're managing more than a half dozen hosts you're better off someplace else.
Owner's reply

I am happy to announce that the features you were missing will be available with NConf 1.3 ! This version now has the ability to assign (advanced-)services to hostgroups or multiple hosts.